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Health and Nutrition 101

Health and Nutrition 101


This course is designed to teach students more about health and nutrition.

Product Description

Our health is the greatest asset we have and more often than not, we usually forget to take care of it because of work and other factors. In this course, you’ll gain a fundamental knowledge of nutrition and how it is crucial to make health conscious decisions that will benefit your body. Each section of the course will help you understand more how your body works and how it responds to every element that you expose to it.

Course will cover:

  • Introduction to Nutrition
  • Knowing the sources of malnutrition
  • Understanding how your digestive system works
  • Real food vs Supplements
  • Classification of carbohydrates and its association with energy
  • Understanding lipids and fats
  • Protein and protein synthesis
  • Different kinds of vitamins
  • Water and the importance of hydration
  • Overview of minerals and trace elements
  • Exercise!
  • Relationship of hunger, appetite and metabolism
  • Food allergies and how they happen
  • Weight gain and the healthy diet

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