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Introduction to Day Trading and Stock Options

Introduction to Day Trading and Stock Options


This course is designed to teach students how to get started with day trading.

Product Description

Day trading is defined as the act of buying and selling stocks within the same trading day. It is regarded as mysterious and people are quietly but successfully applying this method while the rest of us are warned about its dangers.

This course will provide you a simplified explanation of day trading by showing you the non-technical (and some technical) aspects of it. I will offer you some clarity as well regarding trading stock options. Furthermore, I will teach you the basics that you need to cover and go through with proven trading rules that work and the good and bad indicators of day trading.

Course will cover:

  • Setting your goals
  • Defining stocks and options
  • The tools of day trading
  • Types of charts
  • Calls and puts explained
  • How to pick stock options
  • Following the trend and the news
  • How to use your broker
  • Understanding the importance of practicing and how to do it
  • Rules for options trading
  • How to test your theories
  • Trading with real money

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