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This course is designed to teach students how to get started with an Amazon FBA business.

Amazon is a website where you can buy almost anything you need without stepping a foot outside the door. This means a great opportunity for sellers. In this course, you’ll learn how to take advantage of this opportunity by setting up your own Amazon FBA business.

Throughout this course, I will teach you the Amazon seller strategies which includes choosing the right product to sell, sourcing them and getting them to Amazon. You will also learn how to make sure that your product sells by learning how to optimize Amazon product listings, enabling you to reach any type of keyword for that product. Not only that but I’ll also teach you how to get your products rank in the first position.

Course will cover:

  • Why Amazon?
  • Learning the basics of Amazon products
  • How to create your account
  • How to choose your brand name and tax ID
  • Determining what product to sell
  • Knowing which products you should avoid selling
  • Tracking item sales per day
  • How to make your listing stand out
  • Feedback genius and reviews
  • How and where to find a manufacturer
  • Contacting suppliers
  • Packaging and sales tax

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Course Curriculum

Why Sell On Amazon
Why Sell On Amazon Details 00:00:00
Amazon Arbitrage & Amazon Used Items
Amazon Arbitrage & Amazon Used Items Details 00:00:00
Amazon Private Label + UPC Codes
Amazon Private Label + UPC Codes Details 00:00:00
Creating Your Account
Creating Your Account Details 00:00:00
Choosing Your Brand Name And Tax ID
Choosing Your Brand Name And Tax ID Details 00:00:00
The Best Way To Get Started
The Best Way To Get Started Details 00:00:00
What Should I Sell
What Should I Sell Details 00:00:00
Items To Avoid Selling
Items To Avoid Selling Details 00:00:00
How To Track An Item’s Sales Per Day
How To Track An Item’s Sales Per Day Details 00:00:00
Make Your Listing Stand Out
Make Your Listing Stand Out Details 00:00:00
Amazon Software
Amazon Software Details 00:00:00
Feedback Genius
Feedback Genius Details 00:00:00
Feedback And Reviews
Feedback And Reviews Details 00:00:00
Where To Find Manufacture
Where To Find Manufacture Details 00:00:00
How To Contact Suppliers
How To Contact Suppliers Details 00:00:00
Packaging Details 00:00:00
Sales Tax
Sales Tax Details 00:00:00
Amazon FBA
Amazon FBA Details 00:00:00
Reviews Details 00:00:00
Duty Fees
Duty Fees Details 00:00:00
The Dream Promotion
The Dream Promotion Details 00:00:00

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